The Rise in popularity of high gravity home brewing In The USA

file281283001396In the United States, the art of home brewing and craft beer is on the rise. Since the legalization of home brewing in 1979, it began to rise as a hobby for some amateur home brewers. Current polls have really shown that there are presently over a million active home brewers and for the past five (5) years now; participation has grown at a rate of 20 percent per year. These figures include those who brew for their personal enjoyment and people who use high gravity home brew as a medium to generate revenue.

Rise in the popularity of home brewing products
Because of the ongoing strained economic situation in the country, a lot of people are turning towards homebrews and craft beer through home breweries. There are shops popping up everywhere that sell beer making supplies, even in Oklahoma, one of the last states to come out of the prohibition. Now everywhere, expensive imports are waning in popularity over the ones that are made for a lesser price from the comforts of home. In a nutshell, it’s cheaper to make your personal beer from home, most would say.

Pride in the brewing craft as the start of a fresh business opportunity

A big thanks to the Home Brewer’s Association as well as sponsored competitions, brewing at home has now become a growing hobby in the United State Brew masters are getting into their best works in contests that bring them recognition for their superior items. The interest in an array of Ales, Malts as well as specialty brews is now growing stronger because of it. This is among the factors that gave rise to the production of craft breweries and microbreweries throughout the United State.

Craft brewing in the US

A glance at the menu provisions at any successful microbrewery in the nation will reveal that craft brewing has really expanded to include a huge variety in the provisions of pale ales, specialty brews and malted beverages. Seasonal productions that feature the addition of pumpkin for fall, spice flavorings, juniper berry for the Christmas period and a list that continues on and on as creativity spurs the experimentation as well as testing of new flavor mixture and textures. Home brewers are also jumping on the bandwagon in larger numbers. Statistics reveal that there has been a 24% increase in the rate of purchase of beginner’s kits for beer brewing, which is more popular compare to wine making.

How home brewers are busy opening creative and craft breweries successfully

As amateur brewers are being more proficient at their craft now, they are realizing the ability to generate revenue from their endeavors. Although there is a correlation between the increase in home brewing and also the conversion from amateur to a profitable production brewing, the same can be said of the great influence that microbreweries have got upon home brewers. The types of brews crafted has inspired home brewers to also try their hand at their personal unique creations.


The past 20 years has seen a great revolution in how Americans get their brew. A huge growth in the amount of micro breweries which feature unique as well as signature brews has really inspired connoisseurs to also experiment with their creations as craft brewing is now becoming the industry’s hot new trend. A lot of amateurs realize that their craft brewing gives a medium to monetize their efforts, and result in an increase in commercial brewing.