Why You Should Join a Homebrew Club

homebrewIf you are interested in homebrewing, consider joining a local homebrew club that is geared toward the style of homebrew that you find the most interesting. It doesn’t matter if you are wanting to try grain alcohol, wine, or beer, you are almost guaranteed to find a homebrew club in your area that will match your interest.

Oftentimes, when you are new to homebrewing, you will simply follow the directions that come along with the kit, not realizing that there are other ways to make your brew. When you become more experienced, you may start trying different ingredients or different methods and want to share your experiment with the members of your homebrew club. These clubs are designed for such sharing, as well as just gathering for a fun time. You may spend your time in the club meeting discussing the issues of legality that are in the homebrewing industry, or just sit around and enjoy the product of someone’s brew.

Oftentimes, the local homebrew clubs will have competitions. The members can enter their homebrews into the competition to be judged on things like the fermentation or their zymurgy. If your local club holds a competition, you will need to plan ahead. For beer, it takes almost four weeks to ferment properly when refrigerated before it can be used for drinking.

Homebrewing is a rewarding and fun hobby. It can be challenging as well. Luckily, it is a hobby that doesn’t take up a lot of space, though. All you really need is one stove burner for brewing then some storage space. Within a few hours of time, you can have up to five gallons worth of your homebrew ready to be put in the keg or bottled. One of the fun parts of homebrewing is the ability to create your own labels for your bottles. This is a wonderful way to personalize and define them as your own.

When you join a homebrew club, you can ask questions and listen to many new ideas on techniques for your homebrewing. There could be things that other members of the club have tried in the past that didn’t work out and, by hearing it from them, saving you a lot of time, money, ingredients, and effort. Just that alone is a good enough reason to join your local club. It is always better to learn from the mistakes of others whenever possible.

Typically, you will find that homebrew club members are very willing to share their experiences and knowledge about brewing at home, even though there is often a lot of competition on brewing the best. Regardless, no matter what type of brew you enjoy, straight alcohol, wine, or beer, sharing knowledge with those new to the world of brewing is what the clubs seem to do best. And just think, one day you will be able to pay back that knowledge and help another new brewer with their homebrew experience.