Unique Gifts for the Homebrewer

giftsAre you looking for something unique for the homebrewer in your life? Well, we have some suggestions below!

  • Customized Labels and Caps: if you want to help someone add more “cool factor” to their homebrew, this is how to do it. These are an affordable, and usually reusable, gift that is certain to put a smile on their face.
  • A Mixed Six Pack: Want to know an easy gift to give a beer lover? Well, how about beer! If you go to Rate Beer or Beer Advocate, you can use those resources to find beers that are good (look for ones rated over 90). This can be a quick, easy gift for the last-minute shopper. If you want it to be Christmassy, go with the darker and stronger beers.
  • Insulated Stainless Growler: These are great to use for commercial and homebrew beers, especially for brewers that like to travel. These will keep the beers at cold temperatures for a long time. Two good options for these are Hydro Flash and Lifeline variants.
  • Beer Haulers (Handmade): These haulers are available in a lot of sizes and shapes including leather growler totes and wooden six pack haulers. They can be found online in places like Etsy. My brother in law that does garage door repair in Little Rock, AR got one of these for me last year for Christmas. I have used it quite extensively this past year.  
  • Unique Bottle Opener: This is one of those categories with a lot of choices in it. Bottle openers come in many styles. Be sure to choose one that goes along with the personality of the receiver. It is hard to go wrong with a bottle opener as a gift.
  • Glasses: The possibilities of glasses are almost endless. You can buy a full set of taster glasses, a pair of IPA glasses, a single schooner, or, if you are having a hard time deciding, get a mixed pack of glasses.
  • Subscription to a Beer Club: There are a lot of beer clubs out there to choose from. I personally prefer ones that provide beers that are out of market. There are some clubs that also provide recipe kits for you to try out. Try to find the beer club that offers the most bang for your buck.
  • Kegerator: Are you looking for a costlier gift to wow your home brewer? If so, go big by getting them a gift that can keep them and their friends happy for years.

There are so many options for gifts that would suit any home brewer. If none of these seem good to you, do a quick online search for other options.