The Basics of Making Beer

beerThink about all the kinds of beer you can find in the store today. Now, consider all the beers from the international brewers. The number of beers available can be overwhelming. Think about this now: all the different kinds of beer are made with the same basic brewing systems. This system is something you can not only learn about, but do in your own home and become a brew master.

The process of brewing is simple, but it takes practice to create the perfect pint. Below are the basics of beermaking:

  1. Clean everything before starting. You will want to wash, rinse, then sanitize all your brewing and fermenting equipment before you get started. If bacteria get into your brew, it could make you sick or spoil the entire batch.
  2. Choose the recipe you want to use and measure everything exactly.
  3. Once you have your boil stabilized, it is time to add the moss, malt, hops, and any flavors or other things your recipe says. Make sure you have the amount of everything you need before you start the process. Most recipes will have you boil water first then add in other ingredients. Always ensure you use the right amount at the right time to get the final product you want.

After the mixture is completely prepared, it needs to be cooled completely. After it is cool, the yeast and any other ingredients need to be added. This mixture will now be put into a bucket for fermentation where it will remain for a set amount of time. Different lengths of time are needed for different types of beer, so read your recipe to determine the amount needed.

Once fermentation is complete, it is time to bottle the beer into bottles that have been sterilized then cap them. Now you have your own tasty homebrew ready to enjoy!

Continue practicing and producing your own beer will become easy. When you have found the perfect recipe to suit your tastes, you will have no desire to go back to the commercial brews.   Pro Hint:  Do not attempt to do your own Nashville Lawn Care after testing your brews.